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Teaching with Madly Learning®

Mar 11, 2020

Are you a teacher who wants to use more inquiry in your classroom?

But have you ever wished there was an easy button for that?!?

Most people think that inquiry is this huge, open-ended task that has students going in a million different directions. It is usually hard to wrap your head around, difficult to guide students through it and more difficult to assess.

But what if I told you that that type of inquiry doesn't work with every kid?Or that Inquiry-based learning doesn't have to be scary.

You can use it in your classroom each and every day simply and easily. You can still do inquiry in your classroom without a huge enormous project.

It's not always perfect but a change to using more inquiry in your classroom has enormous rewards too.

Let me dispell some myths of what inquiry can look like and how it could work in your classroom. All of this with the hope to set you up on a path that will have you using more inquiry in no time.

In this video, we will explore
- the role of the teacher
- the path of the student
- the assessment strategies that work

Let's finally make inquiry easier...don't we all want that!