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Teaching with Madly Learning®

Apr 26, 2022

Do your kids work a little differently in the classroom these days?


With COVID restrictions lifting here in Ontario, teaching is finally starting to feel normal again, except for the fact that now we’re teaching pandemic kids. 


Learning has looked pretty different for our students over the last two years. Many of them are used to working at home on a laptop or tablet with the freedom to walk around, go to the bathroom, and get snacks whenever they want. Others might not have had much access to technology at all and haven’t had as many opportunities to learn as their peers. 


This episode is here to help you and your students settle back into your less-restricted classrooms. I’m going over what it’s like to teach kids who have experienced a different style of learning over the last two years and what we can do as teachers to help them move forward. 


If you’re trying to figure things out as your classroom gets back to normal, this episode is for you. 


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