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Apr 5, 2022

Are there things you’ve tried in your classroom that you will absolutely never do again?


After 15 years of teaching, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, but some stand out more than others and there are definitely some that I will never make again. 


In this episode, I’m sharing the top three things I’ve done in my classroom that I don’t ever want to do again. Hopefully, this will help you avoid making the same mistakes that I made or give you some ideas about how you want to run your classroom.


You’ll hear why I tried each of these things, why I stopped doing them,  and why I don’t plan on ever doing them again. 


I still make mistakes every day, but I do my best to learn from them and use them to make my classroom a better place for all my students. 


If you want to know what things I would never do in my classroom again, tune in. 


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