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Teaching with Madly Learning®

Jan 11, 2022

I am constantly looking for ways that I can simplify my report card writing so that it takes less time. The last thing I have is an additional 40 hours a week to be writing my report cards, and I bet you feel the same way!


In this episode, I am telling you about how I simplify the process of writing report cards and how I systematize writing learning skills for each student.


I understand that learning skills should be personalized and tailored to each and every student, but that could take days. For a busy teacher and mom, that is not realistic!


I have found the perfect program to help me write learning skills that take half the time and are still personalized - it is called Student Evaluator.


Tune in to learn how and why I love to use this learning skills generator program to save myself time and energy and how you can get 10% off of Student Evaluator to use it for yourself!


Resources Mentioned:

Student Evaluator: Get 10% off!

Report Cards Made Simpler

How a Comment Bank Can Help You Write Report Cards


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