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Teaching with Madly Learning®

Jun 29, 2021

Have you ever found the perfect resource, only to realize that the jargon won’t work in your Canadian classroom? 


Being a Canadian teacher can be kind of a struggle because so many resources are geared towards U.S. classrooms! 


Nine years ago, there was a lack of Canadian teacher voices online, and that's when I...

Jun 22, 2021

Do you spend hours trying to come up with science lessons that are engaging and not boring? Do you end up just using worksheets because you don’t know what else to do?


In this episode, I am showing you how you can use inquiry-based learning and universal design in your science lessons. By the end of this episode,...

Jun 15, 2021

I know we’re all looking forward to the end of the school year, but are you setting yourself up for success for when you come back in the fall? 


In this episode, we are talking about some of the best ways that you can close down your classroom at the end of the school year.


I think that June is the perfect time to...

Jun 8, 2021

What have you learned about yourself over the last year?


It’s been an incredibly challenging year for most of us, to say the least!


In this episode, I am reflecting on my last year of teaching and sharing my thoughts on it.


Around this time last year, I decided I was in need of a change, and I reduced my...

Jun 1, 2021

Do you get stressed about writing report cards? Do you wish that it didn’t take so long to do?


In today’s episode, we are talking about how you can prepare yourself to write your report cards by developing a comment bank. 


We are also covering how to use this bank to write personalized comments for your students...