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Teaching with Madly Learning®

Sep 7, 2021

Do you focus more on teaching the writing process or teaching writing form in your classroom? 


In this episode, we are digging into the difference between teaching the writing process and teaching writing form. You might not have given this much thought before, but I have some pretty strong feelings about it that I want to share with you. 


If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll know that I’m passionate about teaching the writing process first and then getting into form differently from traditional teaching methods. 


I think that students need to learn how to write first. We need to teach them how to communicate their thoughts effectively. Throughout the episode, you’re going to hear me talk all about why that is and how to make it a reality in your classroom. 


If you want to teach your students to be well-rounded writers, you’re going to love this episode. 


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