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Teaching with Madly Learning®

Mar 31, 2021

Are you having fun in your science classroom yet?  You should be!


Science is supposed to be full of problem-solving, exploration and discovery. Yet too often we simply skip all that in favour of trying to get it all done quickly using dull worksheets lesson after lesson.  


Science class shouldn’t be about worksheets


So It’s time we level up our science lessons.

Creating a science unit that is chock-full of a variety of lessons rooted inquiry-based learning, doesn’t have to take more time. 

Stop wasting time waiting at the photocopier, managing bored kids or marking pages and pages of worksheets.  In the same amount of time, you can create an easy STEM unit that has you excited about teaching science, without additional prep, planning and marking time. 

Let me walk you through some simple ideas you can use for low prep science experiments in your classroom.


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Ditch Those Boring Worksheets For Good and Level Up Your Science Lessons 

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